The Need for Automation in Event Management

In this article Kevin makes the argument that KPIs and thresholds are inadequate indicators of system faults because of the complexity of the systems.  This is especially true with application monitoring systems, but some networks have become complex enough that no one indicator is adequate to provide an actionable alert.  Mature event management systems utilize a system of logic that enables correlation between events and event enrichment as well as suppression to produce a cause-effect relationship between events. Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is an underutilized function in many event management systems (even though many have the capability).  In most cases the rules and logic have to be developed because many of the necessary relationships are not present out-of-the-box.

3 Reasons Users Find Problems before You DoOne of the most embarrassing moments in anybody’s career is the day your boss asks, “how come you didn’t know about that?” And yet survey after survey shows one of the biggest challenges facing IT teams remains end users reporting problems they didn’t know about. Here are 3 big reasons why…

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